Confident: a makeup workshop


Hi! It’s self care. Remember me?

Your time is valuable. Work and busy home lives sometimes make us put self-care on the back burner. I get it! Let us give that back to you! For some it may be a new hair cut or new outfit but there is something better that you may already have. What is it you ask?


The Details

July 20th, 2019
10 AM to 12 PM
Registration is $52

Come learn how to match foundation to your skin tone along with application to prevent uneven blending and streaking. We will also be going over color correcting, concealers, setting powders, contour, highlighting, eyebrow grooming, and eye shading for enhancing purposes. Don’t worry, we’ll going over what those mean too. This is an interactive class and I’ll help guide you while you’re applying your makeup. 

Picture this: your hair has a quick style provided by Tonic Beauty Pros, your makeup is looking great, and you’re having a great time with your friends. What better way to finish it up than with a quick snapshot? We’ll have a photo booth area to capture the fun and your beautiful self from the day. Of course, for the camera-shy attendees, this is optional. But I have a feeling you’re going to love the way you look. You’ll leave the event looking great AND leave with a new makeup routine!

What we’ll cover

“10 minute” makeup routine

Your busy schedules can lead to stressful morning routines where throwing your hair up and putting on big sun glasses is the solution. This can take away what makes you feel great about yourself. 

Let’s boost how you feel every day in just 10 minutes using makeup.Makeup isn’t a tool to hide behind; it enhances you. I’ll show you some tips and tricks to step up your makeup game. Learn how to apply the correct foundation and colors to go with your skin and remove it properly to provide healthy skin. 

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About the instructor

Hello, my name is Amy Lingenfelter and I’m a professional makeup artist. I started doing my makeup when I was a teenager and made a ton of mistakes! Wrong color matching, mascara that was too heavy, colors that were just wrong for my skin tone… I’m sure we all did it at some point.

 November 2016 marked my first step to becoming a professional makeup artist. After over 500 hours of training, I officially became a certified makeup artist in January of 2017. My passion for the beauty industry led me to further my education as an Esthetician in August 2018. 

 I want to share what I learned with you! Incorrect makeup tutorials and information is being broadcasted on YouTube and Instagram. This hands-on workshop is your opportunity to get the right information from a licensed and certified professional, have a fun morning with a couple friends, and walk out looking like a million bucks!